Touchdown Jackson Hole, WYO


Taggart LakeI arrived in Jackson, Wyoming thinking that was cloud cover we were flying through. Wrong.

Smoke from seasonal fires are blowing this way, creating a hazy but not lazy summer in Jackson. You can’t smell smoke but the haze adds a filter that makes you wish for a good rain to wipe it away.  No fires here but they are in neighboring Idaho and four other western states.

But the nature here is breathtaking nonetheless. The trails are challenging and the scenery and wildlife are one of a kind. Spying on a moose drinking in a creek is a sight you just don’t see while shopping downtown.

DSC_0219Here’s a delightful moose who has taken a liking to the creek just outside the Jenny Lake visitor’s center. Either that or the town’s convention and visitor’s bureau is paying him a nice wage to sip water all day while folks take his picture.



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