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Whale of A Day!


It was a day meant for whale watching. I had booked a trip aboard the Odyssey and wouldn’t you know that just as I was leaving to catch the vessel, a few whales appeared in the waters below our hotel.  Definitely a good sign.

The one drawback to whale watching excursions is that they happen on a boat and some stomachs can’t stomach the choppy seas. Without getting  too descriptive, let me just say that one hour into our chase of the “J” pod (there are 3 out here – J,K,L) I had to reach for  the Dramamine.

Even that didn’t dampen my enthusiasm for what I saw.  The naturalist on board says the group of whales we saw were led by an Orca named J2 by researchers, She is  also known as “Granny”.  Granny is 100 years old and there is a celebration in her honor on July 2.

Orcas  are extremely difficult to photograph because the law forbids boats and humans from coming within  100 yards. They only show themselves for seconds at a time but when they do it is a magnificent sight.  The good folks at San Juan Excursions took pics from our trip and shared them with the passengers.


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San Juan Islands on the Horizon


I’ll be walking around the San Juan Islands in Washington State in about a week. Hope to experience some whale watching too!

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