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High Mt. Ranier!


I left bayou country yesterday en route to higher ground and more great walks.  The summer temperatures can really heat up an airplane cabin so I kept the window shade down for most of the trip. When the pilot said we were getting close to Seattle I raised the shade and got an eyeful of Mount Ranier peeking through the clouds. Oh boy, this trip to Woodinville and San Juan Islands is going to be an adventure!

Just a hiccup upon arrival.  The rental car agent had a wily way of quoting prices. Good thing I questioned her at the Budget counter or else I would have signed a contract for all kinds of additional fees.  It was a simple thing, really.  She quoted an upgrade for “$13” but she really meant $13  a day.  Same goes for cost of adding a driver.  (Never  mind I had already contracted for this same upgrade for a flat fee of $3.)

But I was on to her and all is well!  Time to hit the highways.

Arrived in Woodinville, safe and sound .  Willows Lodge is beautiful. There is a pig and also a wedding right outside my window!  More later.

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