The Spirit Is Willing But Oh, The Feet!


Woke up feeling great, ready to tackle Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte, two breathtaking rocks that you might recognize from national automobile commercials.  It’s also an energy vortex which means different things to different people. To me, it means it is really pretty and a lot of positive energy must have gone in to creating it.

You can walk around both  Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte on a loop trail that is 4.2 miles.   Piece of advice:   stay on the trail or else you will find yourself on Big Park trail, which adds another mile or so to the hike. A lot of people get confused by the signs.  I had a lot of company trying to figure out how to get back to the parking lot.

The trail is definitely worth it. Mostly flat, with a few inclines. Once you finish you will be proud that you circled these two monuments. They are huge and majestic.

Took me an hour and fifty minutes.  Pretty easy if you have the dogs to handle it but mine were barking and howling by the end. So I swapped the MBTs for the Salomon’s for the rest of the day and I am happy to report that my feet are talking to me again.

I didn’t fall down on this hike but did get jabbed by a cactus. Note to self:  remember to bring the water next time!

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